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Port St George marina and golf development, Long Island,Bahamas.

Real estate in the Bahamas.

With it's white sand beaches and clear blue waters, buying real estate and property in the Bahamas have never looked so good. If you are considering buying Bahamas real estate as an investment property or as a vacation home, you could face lots of unique challenges. Here are a few tips that can help you avoid the possible pitfalls and problems involved with buying your dream home or property. As with any real estate purchase anywhere, the first and most important rule is.....
Location, Location, Location.
When buying Bahamas real estate, it is very important to chose the location of the property carefully. On the main islands of New Providence (Nassau) and Freeport on Grand Bahama, house prices can be more than double those in nearby Florida. These islands tend to have very good infrastructure and lots of facilities, but they are also more populated, and tend to feel somewhat overcrowded.
The Out Islands.
Or Family Islands as they are also known, have houses and property which tends to be much less expensive, on these islands however, accessibility could be an issue. If you are looking for a vacation home to serve as a "quiet retreat", you may want to consider buying real estate on one of the Family Islands. Currently, the Out Islands do seem to be in fashion.
Long Island.
Recently granted government permissions the new marina and golf resort of Port St George is set to begin construction in the summer of 2008. Plans for this development include a new marina and canal complex, together with a championship golf course with an up-scale lakeside community.

The resort of Port St George has recently gained government permission to develop a marina and golf community covering some 1000 acres.
Amenities to include a yacht club, marina, 18 hole championship golf course along with two named hotels.
The location chosen for Port St George is a superb, natural and unspoiled area of Long Island, this area was selected to provide both a challenging golf setting and luxury waterfront living.
Unique to the Bahamas, Long Island has high, rolling hills offering breathtaking views of lakes, golf greens and sparkling water providing the perfect backdrop for a host of both water and land based activities.
The village center is to house the majority of Port St George's facilities, including an abundance of amenities both on and off water.
Development highlights.

* Proximity to the USA.
* Tax free investment in a safe and stable country.
* Superb, year round sub-tropical climate.
* Perfect location for investment and vacation.
* Low impact colonial style house designs.
* Established vacation home rental market.
* Up-scale resort facilities.
* Choice of, waterfront, canal front, golf, lakeside lots.
* Off-plan lots at pre-construction prices.

Home-sites are soon to become available starting from the mid $600's.
Please note, development of the Port St George resort is still in the planning stage, however lots are scheduled to be released early in 2008.
Why choose the Bahamas?
With an income tax free environment, world class financial services, a stable democracy, fast and easy access to the USA, and a fantastic sub-tropical climate, it's no wonder people from overseas want to move to the Bahamas.
But aside from the obvious business advantages one other factor makes moving here sweeter than ever, the island lifestyle.
A foreign executive living in the Bahamas probably has the funds to enjoy some of the very best things the country has to offer. On our islands there exists a multitude of fine dining options, top chefs work in the high-end restaurants here. The third largest wine cellar in the world can be found at the Greycliff in Nassau, this is an upscale hotel which has the only five star restaurant in the Caribbean region.
If you can afford to live on the ocean the opportunities for water-sports, entertainment and simply enjoying the ocean views are endless.
Oceanfront and canal front properties and homes are in high demand, but they are available if you know where to look. The lucky few will find water font or canal front property with it`s own dock, many have outdoor pools and beautiful garden areas for entertaining or just relaxing and enjoying life in a sub-tropical climate.
If you have a boat, you'll have access to around 700 islands and cays right on your doorstep, all these islands are different, some have marina and golf courses, some have nothing but clean, soft sandy beaches.
Sailing from Nassau down to the Exumas is the most beautiful cruising ground on earth, this area has been described by the astronauts as "the clearest water on earth". Here, you can fish for big game, dive on pristine reefs, or picnic on a deserted cay that you'll have all to yourself. You can visit the iguanas on their own turf or snorkel in Thunderball Cave, made famous by James Bond himself. Time spent exploring the out islands cruising, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, diving or even just walking will rejuvenate the very soul.
If you really want to get away from it all and go somewhere peaceful and romantic, take a trip down to Long Island, this island is not only home to a new leisure marina and golf development, but also miles and miles of white sandy beaches, here, romantics can walk beautiful beaches for hours all by themselves, doing little but explore and beach-comb in complete privacy.
Even the busy business centers of Nassau and Freeport offer the lifestyle every executive wants. Where else can you have it all without leaving home?
Where else can you fit in a quick session of water-skiing before work and take a dip in the ocean after work, all from your back patio. Where else can you awake to hear the warm Atlantic lapping on the beach, or open your eyes to a golden pink sunrise announcing the start of another day in paradise.

A brief history of Port St George marina and golf resort.
2006 August.
Bahamian real estate company PSG Ltd formally apply for government permission to develop 1000 acres of land in the Stella Maris area of Long Island, Bahamas.
2007 March.
Meetings between PSG Ltd and government officials were held and draft Heads of Agreement were presented to the government.
2007 June.
Government permissions granted. The Office of The Prime Minister of The Bahamas confirm to Freeport lawyers, Callenders and co, government approvals have been granted for the construction of Port St George.

Extract from the Nassau Guardian newspaper, 30th November 2007
By Clunis Devaney, Bahamas Information Services.

Long Island poised for $110 million investment.
A $110-million development envisioned to be a resort and residential community with first-class amenities is planned for North Long Island.
The British-based developers of the proposed Port St. George investment, plan to use available land in the Stella Maris area for the construction of this project, which will include an 18-hole signature golf course and a marina.
Plans for the development were outlined to concerned Long Islanders at a town meeting, held at the government high school in Simms, on Tuesday.
The proposed developers also announced plans for another resort for the Stella Maris area - Caribbean Heights - which together with Port St. George will open opportunities for hundreds of jobs both during the construction and post-construction phases.
More than 400 people packed the school's auditorium and many more listened through open doors and windows. Many questions were asked on matters such as dredging, road elevation, antiquities, solid waste and the reconfiguration of Queen's Highway.
It appeared following the meeting that Long Islanders were satisfied that the marine resources would not be comprised. They welcomed the development, which the investors assured would have a completion date in 2015.
Ian J. Moorcroft, a director of Port St. George, said, "We are in the planning stages. We hope to get approval by next Easter." He told Long Islanders that the developers are hoping to break ground by the fall of 2008.
Keith A. Bishop of Islands By Design Ltd, said he had been contracted to do the environment impact assessment.
Government officials at the town meeting included Earl Deveaux, Minister of Public Works and Transport; Sidney Collie, Minister of Lands and Local Government; and Lawrence Cartwright, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources.
Also in attendance was a representative from the Bahamas Environment Science and Technology (BEST) Commission.
Minister Collie assured Long Islanders that "no significant investment" will come to the islands without the government coming directly to the people "and as clear and as concise as possible, apprise the people of the proposed investment."
He also assured residents that "before the first soil is turned and the first brick is laid, you would know what is coming to your island and whether you welcome such investment."
Minister Deveaux said the airport at Stella Maris is currently undergoing expansion and very soon work will begin to complete the terminal building, which will meet the International Civil Aviation standards for international security.
He said Long Island will shortly have an improved Stella Maris airport in the north to accommodate the proposed development.
Deveaux emphasized, "It is not likely we will have enough space in the north to put a 7,000-ft. runway but we will accommodate short-haul aircraft. In the partnership that we seek to develop in Long Island, if you need a longer airport we will invite you to Deadman's Cay." He added that the government also intends to complete the dock in Long Island.
"It is my duty to tell you that we have selected a spot in Long Island we feel could accommodate the year-round dockage, the low maintenance of the sand movement and deep water sheltered harbor. We are looking at the area where BEC (the Bahamas Electricity Corporation) currently is so we have room for long-term expansion.
"We will go to bids as soon as the designs are completed on that dock."
The Works Minister told Long Islanders that as a result of the recent passage of Tropical Storm Noel, "we have had to re-prioritize our road infrastructure." He further indicated that Long Island was already high on the schedule for sea walls construction, repairs to the dock at Simms and additional infrastructure works.
In addition, he said government now has before it, a list of Family Island roads identified for repair, "so that we can make some choices in the sense that Cat Island, Long Island and Exuma had exceptionally high flooding and unexpected damage to their roads. We had to shift our priorities around so that we could accommodate repairs as a result of the flooding."
Minister Cartwright, who is the parliamentary representative for Long Island, was pleased with the turnout at the meeting and the hard questions asked.
He thanked the investors for choosing Long Island for their proposed project.
"I believe that Port St. George will be something great for Long Island," Cartwright stated. "And, based on what I have heard over the last few weeks and the amount of excitement this has generated, I believe Long Islanders are now ready to accept Port St. George."

If you would like to visit our island to take an early viewing of the Port St George project, contact us here with "FAO Tracey" in the subject area.
Tracey Harding lives between Nassau and Long Island, she can assist with everything from land tours, local introductions and hotel accommodations to your flight bookings from Nassau to Long Island.

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